Working methods

The work of Regula Bill is not based on a conscious design plan.

She always works on several images at the same time and she is in constant internal dialogue with the colours, the technique, the painting ground, her hands, eyes and feelings.

The image design is thus often a world full of little stories. These remain more or less visible through the revision.

Depending on their own personal way of focusing, they open up to the viewer...

4. Arbeitsweise

3. Arbeitsweise"Images do not want to push you to anything. Images give you the freedom to see what you want to see. But they provide a new perspective, opening windows that give you a new perspective on a reality you may have so far. The pictures pick you up from where you are standing. You are allowed to put into the pictures your basic wishes, follow only the trace of your longings ....“
Anselm Grün