The artistic path of Regula Margrit Bill goes through different worlds of shapes, colours and materials.

In many years of art education and training, her skills have been trained in a versatile way from the three-dimensional design as a ceramist to convincing pictorial design in painting.

After completing her training at the School of Design in Bern, numerous international specialists were further teachers and supporters of Regula Bill.

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Prof. Sándor Dóró, Academy of Art, Dresden (Germany) 
Drawing, painting, nude drawings, image composition

Beate Bitterwolf, Academy of Contemporary Art (Germany) 
Painting, image composition, art history 

Manfred Bodenhöfer (Germany)
Nude painting


Sándor Kecskeméti (Hungary)
Ceramic sculpture

Jürg C. Bächtold (Switzerland)
Ceramic sculpture and firing methods

Imre Schrammel (Hungary)
Ceramic nudes